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Drop-in Open Afternoon!

See poster below 

Sat 25 May 2019

2pm - 4.30pm


Light refreshments

Come and see our small cosy counselling room and meet us and find out who we are and what we do!



Taster Workshops


We will be running 15 min taster workshops throughout the afternoon:

Up to 8 participants per workshop (except Sue's Images - 6 participants)

2pm & 3.20pm

Introduction to Mindfulness - led by Julie Bentley

What Mindfulness is (and isn't) about. Simple techniques that can be incorporated into daily mindfulness practice. Experience a guided meditation (maximum five minutes).  


Exploring using images - led by Sue Nyirenda

Sue has developed a pack of photographs (Lovelli Therapy Cards) to use with clients and is keen to use images in her counselling work. In this taster workshop you can experience the power of this work.

Max participants - six

2.40pm & 4pm

Bereavement Support - led by Rosemarie Savage

Support for the bereaved and those supporting them

Together we'll look at ideas for practical support in the immediate days after losing someone. Then move on to coping skills and keeping the memory of a loved one whilst growing your life to fill the emptiness.


Anxiety- body mapping - led by Emily Russell

This taster workshop will help you to identify the ways in which Anxiety impacts upon your body. The workshop will then briefly introduce you to a few self-help interventions which you can try out to help manage and reduce your symptoms.


Moods - a fun board game - led by Sue Nyirenda

This is a great game to help everyone learn how to get better at reading emotions in other people.  


Wellbeing Wheel - led by Emily Russell

You matter!!! This taster workshop introduces you to the key elements which affect our personal wellbeing and helps you begin to explore these from a self-care perspective.

Workshop Timetable:

2pm               Introduction to Mindfulness

2.20pm         Exploring using Images

2.40pm         Bereavement Support

3pm               Anxiety - Body Mapping

3.20pm         Introduction to Mindfulness

3.40pm         Moods - Let's Play a Board Game!

4pm              Bereavement Support

4.20pm         Wellbeing Wheel

To book your place on a workshop please click the link below and add your name under the relevant workshop - thanks*

*Sorry  - it appears that the link is not working properly... you cannot add your name. You could email Sue on instead.


Turquoise Counselling Collective

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